Monday, August 18, 2014

Battle of the Bulge: Uncommitted Exercise

I am somewhat vocal about my aversion to gyms and other instruments of torture (i.e. ellipticals). I get my daily cardio from walking to public transportation (I am very happy that is an option) and according to the Science Times, that is enough. 

But one day I thought I could do a little more to tone. That evening, watching The Big Bang Theory and The Daily Show reruns, I unhappily crawled off the bed and executed leg lifts in thirty count increments. Maybe about five sets.
Dang, it made a difference. 

I started doing them regularly, if I had a few spare minutes; when cooking, during phone conversations, sometimes even when reading, I would actively lift my legs. 

Then Luke told me he's been doing leg lifts, the same ones I've been doing. I squealed in delight at our mutual epiphany to tone. 

Sometimes I mix it up with a sideways version.

If I'm laying down and can't (or won't) get up, I can still do leg lifts.
What I still loathe about exercise is that one week off the wagon, and kaput. But since I am not committing to a major daily sweat-out, I can maintain this. Maybe. 


Altie said...

I hate gyms and believe they are evil places of torture. I exercise in my room, with music. Believe me, if there's a will there's a way, and there are no excuses, etc. You are right that lapses in regular exercise routines can throw things off course, but from experience I have seen that even a little effort here and there goes a long way. Shkoich to you, keep it up! (Btw, that is also how I started, while watching TV. I figured, I'm sitting here anyways for 45 minutes, I may as well be standing and moving while watching.)

Princess Lea said...

They are indubitably evil; I cannot comprehend it when I see someone marching happily into a gym. Huh?

And very much so, a little goes a long way. It's upsetting in how many avenues of life that applies.