Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Battle of the Bulge: Vindication

It would seem that, unwittingly, my way of watching weight is actually scientifically sound. 

The NYTimes Science Section featured an article by Jane Brody, containing some of my own eating commandments: 

1) Watching calories aren't enough. The calories have to be from healthy foods rather than unhealthy, even if eating a small amount of the unhealthy. 

2) Exercise doesn't make a major difference in weight. Exercise is good for health, yes, but relying on it alone will not lead to healthy weight. The biggest factor for weight control was the types of food eaten, not physical activity.

3) Too little sleep hurts the weight. 

4) Packing on the pounds doesn't happen overnight; it creeps up, adding a few pounds per year. 

5) TV watching doesn't cause weight gain; rather, the barrage of fast and processed food ads do. 

6) White flour slows down the metabolism while whole wheat doesn't.

To quote Kevin James (as Doug Heffernan), "Sweet vin-di-CAY-shee-awn!"  


Yedid Nefesh said...

see i knew all if not most of the facts you stated, yet my weight doesn't change ever!!

Princess Lea said...

Really? They totally work for me.

lawschooldrunk said...

Do some bike rides with me that consume close to 3,000 calories and muscle strengthening every day and you'll probably lose some body fat. You may not lose weight; you'll just become more lean.

Princess Lea said...

I don't wanna shvitz. No likee the sweat.