Wednesday, August 24, 2011

BPA Free Water

BPA, a component in many plastic containers, have been found to poisonously leach into the food or water when sitting in heat. Along with the eco-unfriendliness of disposable plastic bottles, I gave Poland Spring the ol' heave ho.

I then went on Amazon, my wonderful, beautiful, lovely Amazon, to find my new water bottle. 

My first purchase was Klean Kanteen. It was one of the first BPA free stainless steel bottles on the market.

I had purchased a sports cap (as the original cap had me pouring water down my neck), only to have to bottom of my bag soaked through. Amazon replaced it, but it still leaked. Kleen Kanteen was then abandoned.

The next try was BioGreen. A cute plastic bottle, small and easy to store in a bag, I was happy with it for a while. Until the unsturdy sports cap twisted out of shape.

Moving on to Botl. Very nice design options, easy to hold, one hand control, holds a good amount of water.

I was content until, by accident, I found one even better. It was while waiting to pay at Daffy's that I spied an Oggi

I bought it on whim, thinking it would be a good spare, only to have it become my beloved. The locking cap feature allows one handed use, but it's the mouthpiece that gets me. It's a drinking spout, allowing one to simply pour the water out, instead of having to slurp on a sports cap. As a lipsticked individual, that is a very convenient feature. 

The next time I was at Daffy's I bought another one.

Other bottles have a drinking spout and one-handed opening ability. Such as the Thermos Nissan.

I fill 'em up with Brita filtered water, which I find the best tasting.

Becoming less wasteful, even in a small way, gives one a feeling of accomplishment. It's an easy way to get tree-huggers off your back. 


Yedid Nefesh said...

ha i just invested in those kind of water bottles!! I am not sure which category mine fits into, but im pretty satisfied with it :)
as always, thanks for the tip!

Princess Lea said...

As long as it is BPA free and reusable, it's all good.

iTripped said...

I was never a fan of water bottles until I started working in an office with no filtered water. The bottle I use is Vapur- extremely lightweight, it can be rolled up when empty. Vapur bottles are also really cheap (I bought one on ebay for under $3). It's also a good conversation piece- everyone who sees it wants to know what it is!
It does have a removable cap though, so it may not work with your one-handed method.

Princess Lea said...

Oooh, so cute! The one issue with my bottle is that it doesn't fit in my smaller bags. The Vapur would be a great alternate.

lawschooldrunk said...

I recommend Camelbak's podium bottle with a one-way valve and a shut-off valve. Or anything from Nalgene like their unbreakable lexan bottles or bottles made from high density polyethylene.

Danmark said...

I first bought a Klean Kanteen in 2010. It was all it was cracked up to be. Sturdy, but light, water did not pick up a metal taste, it was easy to clean, and never leaked.