Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homemade Manicure

I have had one manicure in my life. While traveling in Europe and so being away from prying eyes, the manicurist talked me into having crystals put on.
Not like this, but I'm kind of tempted.
My aversion to professional manicures stems from  financial and health concerns. 

Professional manicures, which are usually done weekly, can really add up as an expense. With less than the price of one manicure, I can buy a bottle of color that will last me months, if not years. 

There are also enough stories how dirty tools were used and someone lost a toe or finger to gangrene . . .

As for health, I had one winter when I would regularly paint my own nails, not taking the polish off until the next homemade manicure, to the point that they were cracked nearly halfway through and stained beyond belief.

I now do my nails every Thursday night for Shabbos, then take them off on Monday mornings, allowing them to "breathe." The stained color has time to work its way off, and my nails don't crack the way they used to. If I paid good money for a manicure, obviously I wouldn't remove it after a paltry three days, so it just doesn't pay for me.

Another objection to professional manicures is how some individuals, who make no other effort on their appearance, rely on manicures as though they were equal to an actual outfit. 

If one is put together, the nails are just not noticed. Manicures are the cherry on the sundae - it's a nice added touch, but it's not the focus. The ice cream is. No one cares about the cherry. Trust me. 

One day, I will probably succumb, but in the meantime I try to distance myself from temptation. 

For those interested in homemade nails, the  needed basics are: basecoat, two coats of color, topcoat.

The basecoat strengthens the nail and lengthen the color's life, and the topcoat provides a protective shell. The brand I currently own for both these purposes is Barielle, as sometimes one hits the jackpot in T.J. Maxx or Marshalls and can get them seriously reduced. I've also found them on Ebay costing much less than store prices. 

Barielle supposedly does not contain some of the other "poisons" that can be found in other nail polish brands. 

I have tried and liked: 

Nail Rebuilding Protein (basecoat)
Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender (topcoat)
No Chip Speed Dry (topcoat)


Yedid Nefesh said...

I bite my nails terribly. So try to keep polish on, but then they become nasty underneath and do not grow strong

ZP said...

I usually have my nails done (french) and I do them myself. I have gotten more than one manicure in my life lol but if you have a good hand, its easy to do. However, I do know people that are just not good at it. Plus, even though it is an expense that does add up, we all have to treat ourselves somehow and for different people that means different things...

Princess Lea said...

Yedid: Hmmmm, nail biter. Did you ever try the nasty tasting stuff on the nails as a deterrent?

It is applied like a nail polish, and has really high reviews.

ZP: Oooh, you can do French nails yourself? I've never tried, I just assumed I wouldn't be able to do it.

I'm not great at doing my nails, but with dark colors it is easier to fudge, and the bits that end up on the cuticles tend to come off in the shower.

I know some people consider it a treat, but I think long-term. Manicure expenses can add up over not a lot of time to designer skirts. That's my treat. :)

ZP said...

haha yeah, B"H I have a steady hand. I also use liquid eyeliner (which I know you wrote a post against it lol)

You actually can try it on your own. I do it without anything but you can start out by first putting white on the tips, then taking a qtip dabbing it in nail polish remover and making the tip round or however you like it and then you just put the light pink on top. it is pretty simple, try it!

Princess Lea said...

So the sheer pink goes over the white? Maybe I will give it a whirl. I have both opaque white and sheer pink in the house.

Although chances are my first attempts will be laughable.

Ah, yes, but I am against liquid liner for those who have to stretch the lid. If you have steady hands and can do without tugging the delicate skin, I hail thee.

Yedid Nefesh said...

It doesn't work! I stop for months, then i bite again. On and off...
The only thing that works, is when i really put my mind to it (like i have a date coming up, or a meeting...)

Princess Lea said...

Ai! Well, as I said, nails aren't the focus. You'll just compensate with some extra mascara.