Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Your Mother's Kesubah

I was very flattered to receive a request from This Is Not A Ketubah to critique their artwork. 

An amateur (really amateur) painter myself, I like to think I have an eye for such subjects. Compared to more old-school kesubahs, their work is certainly daring and intriguing.  

They have a large range of standard designs, from simple and clean to bright and festive. There is inspiration from artists such as Picasso, Warhol, and Pollack, from nature, as well as personal interest themes, like coffee (for the Starbucks lover), music, or patriotism. 

If there is a style preferred not available as a standard design, they also have custom Ketubot. 

I have to say my favorites are: 

Gaudi-Ish Ketubah;
Gaudi-Ish Ketubah II;
Op Art Ketubah II;
Klimt Ketubah II
Skyline Ketubah
As you may have guessed, my tastes do not run along the lines of minimalism. Check out all their designs to find one that speaks to you.

I think the world is ready for a new type of kesubah. 

So who here would get themselves a revolutionary marriage contract? (I would, but I currently have no reason to commission one . . .)


Jacob said...

Hey Frumanista... thanks so much for featuring us! Seriously a privilege. I am a fan of the Gaudi ones, too! Of course we're just getting started so we're open to all sorts of feedback... Frumanistas, speak your mind! You've never been afraid to before :)

Best for a Good Shabbas!

Team Ketubah

Princess Lea said...

It was a pleasure!

Ketubah Designer said...

Interesting, I love the fact that Jewish Ketubah will make your wedding day more especial and with this traditional customs that will make the couple’s bond even stronger.