Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Come Say What Now?

A friend of mine was being called by mother of a guy. She has fielded some crazy questions on my behalf, but this takes the proverbial cake. 

"Is she put together?"

"Yes, of course."

"Well, I mean, does she dress . . . cheap?"

"Um . . . no." 

The question is, what did she mean by "cheap"? Did she mean: 

(a) Vegas pole-dancer

(b) strictly H&M wardrobe ($14.99 a top) rather than designer ($1,490 retail).

The first option doesn't seem viable in terms of tznius code. With the hem/collar/sleeve requirements in place, it's difficult to dress like a floozy.

As for the second option, how many dudes are in tune to women's clothing? She's seriously asking that on his behalf? I could put on something that I have owned for three years and Ta will say, "Oooh, new?"

Lady, at least pretend to be interested in my middos. Which she didn't inquire about at all.


Anonymous said...

To give her the benefit of the doubt....there is a lot of "cheap looking" tsnius out there, between the shells of questionable material, the jersey skirts that sag after being washed once and have no shape etc. While men don't especially notice "designer" I think they do notice someone who takes the time with their appearance before leaving the house, so the middle ground between cheap like pole dancer and cheap like H&M is an outfit that is "pricey" in time and thought...and given your blog would could assume every one of your outfits is a designer original in terms of thought investment!

guyinla said...

Well tbf it's possible a girl can own an article of clothing for 3 years and be wearing it for the first time or close to it. Source: things i glean from my sister.

%Shocked% said...

I like how Anonymous put it. Especially the last line!

I think cheap is a look as opposed to a cost of an article of clothing. The clothing can be cheap or expensive but the person just doesn't "wear it well." I can rarely, if ever, even take a guess at the price of something (I saw Burberry shoes for $960 or so that I thought should have been worth $50), but when you look at a person, you can see how they dress. I'd take a shot in the dark here and say she meant shlumpy vs. put together.

Princess Lea said...

Perhaps. Just "cheap" seems a poor choice of words if she meant "put together." Biiiig difference.