Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stocking Slump

As my background is Brooklyn in origin, there are a few givens. One of them being, stockings on Shabbos. 

I loathe the term "pantyhose" - it sounds like torture device, which in 80+ degree heat, it can be. It has benefits, however; holding in flabby territory to ensure good fit, shoes are nasty on bare feet, legs get a flattering hue.  

Outside the frummie territory, stockings are fading away, alone and unloved. It has a negative image of . . . being Bobbish

True, stockings can look grandma-like. That's why females should take care to purchase stockings that add a hint of color and shine, rather than being blandly white.  

That's why I like Filazi 14 Silky Sheer in Bronze and Melas Sheer Control Top in Honey. 

But since summer is thankfully behind us, my stockings have been removed from sight as I lovingly take out my opaque fashion hosiery.


iTripped said...

I wait all year til it's cold enough to wear black tights. Stockings are definitely torturous in 90 degree weather- not to mention how easily they get runs...

chanalesings said...

Dont get me started on pantyhose. In the summer, I do not understand how other women manage to get them up at all. For me it is literally torture. But tights I love:)

Princess Lea said...

I adore my tights. I wait all year for chilly weather.

When I see women on the street in the sweltering summer and in stockings on a weekday, I feel for them. Ma was reluctant, but I converted her to go stocking-free in the weekdays. Sanity is paramount.