Friday, November 11, 2011

New Hair Toy!

The humid summer season has blessedly left us, meaning my harsh hair treatment can be laid aside as well. I iron to defy humidity and its frizzing influence; now with the chill of winter, I need not be so torturous. 

I came upon the Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler by Conair. It is the premise of blowdrying hair in one simple tool - the bristles rotate while it blows air.
The reviews were enough to convince me, and it arrived in time for Shabbos. 

Like by ironing, pre-drying is recommended. Leave some moisture in the hair. Divide hair. 

I decided I wanted to try the wavy look I thought only my hair guy could achieve. I placed the brush, which was on low, as close to the roots as I could, then pressed the rotating button as I drew to the ends. When I got to the end I stopped, turned off the spin feature and waited a few seconds, then pulled out, the way he does. It resulted in a lovely wave.

For a first try, my hair came out pretty good.  It shined healthily, free of split ends. While my hair guy is still not going anywhere, this toy worked great for me. Now I can give my locks a break from sizzling.  


Chanalesings said...

This would totally end in a disaster in my hands!

Princess Lea said...

Why? I'm not the handiest and it didn't go badly.