Friday, November 18, 2011

Shabbos Face: Eyeshadow I

(While eyeshadow is not, of course, a Shabbos specific step, I shall just label it such. Feel free to use in the weekday). 

This is very serious territory we're entering. 

Since preferences and color-suitability differ from person to person, I will just relate what my eyeshadow routine is, and everyone can take what they like and leave what they don't or suggest alternatives. 

To begin, matte eyeshadows tend to have longer staying power, but even if the eyeshadow of choice has shimmer, the primer should keep it staying put.
The brush for this step has to be carefully selected, as the application here makes all the difference.

My favorite brush happens to be one I bought at Duane Reade by a no-name brand that has since ceased to exist. It was part of a two-pack called "crease brush duo." Most drugstores have some form of "crease brush duo." The smaller brush of the two doesn't get much use, but that's okay.

The brush bristles are firm enough to apply the eyeshadow accurately yet fluffy enough to blend it out. It's a delicate balance, and finding the ideal brush will take time and experimentation. 

The e.l.f. studio contour brush (purchased at Target) is also great; the bristles are deliciously soft, depositing and blending nicely.
e.l.f. contour brush
Starting first in the crease, apply color deep in there and travel down the lid. Color can be applied however desired; a crescent-shaped approach outlining the outside of the lid, or fully fill in the lid with color, or keep the shadow strictly in the crease.
Make sure to blend, blend, blend! That is imperative! Harsh lines must be buffed out. 

More details next Friday on eyeshadow color and using more than one shade. 

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