Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Which Love

It always seems like when I have to babysit then Rabbi Yisroel Reisman's shiur is the most interesting. 

From the bits and pieces I heard third-hand:  

Why was it that Bilaam was gung-ho on cursing Bnei Yisroel, but then when he arrives all he can emit is a bracha? 

Because hearing and seeing are two different things. Once he saw, all he could do was bless.  

Why did the wife of Lot have to turn into salt after seeing the destruction of S'dom? 

Because when she looked, she didn't look as one who would repent upon seeing such horros; she was looking for entertainment. 

The eyes are connected to the heart, while the ears are connected to the brain.  

(I was thinking of the first time I saw the Kosel or Yam HaMelach or Niagara Falls. I felt as though my heart was full. My head was wiped of thought; all I felt was emotion.)
When I heard this point, all I could think of was this saying: 

"Men fall in love with their eyes, and women fall in love with their ears."- Woodrow Wyatt
Woodrow Wayatt
So, therefore, we can conclude that men are emotional, and women are rational.  

Ha ha.


SiBaW said...

Or that men are infatuated by what they see and women by what they hear... :-P

Fashion-isha said...

Very deep and insightful. But I agree. Men are very visual and they need to act very unemotional because deep down they are more emotional inside!

Yedid Nefesh said...

I don't know that they are more emotional inside, they are wired differently i believe. And they dont need to talk about it as much as girls do

Princess Lea said...

That whole Venus/Mars thing. I find most of the men I know are emotional. Unless, I am oddly rational, so I consider everyone else emotional by comparison.