Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wearing Black Responsibly

Black is getting a lot of flack, I've noticed. It is a shade associated with obnoxious matchmakers and "typically" dressed females. 

I possess very few all-black outfits. Two suits, tops. OK, I'll confess to three black dresses.

While I do object to daily all-blackness, it is still, no matter how one slices it, an excellent choice for weddings; black is always appropriate for evening wear, shoes are a breeze, it slenderizes the figure, and black stockings are an option. (Although I do have wedding wear that is distinctly not black, which I don season permitting). 

But for ensembles, mix it up. 

I find that matching two shades of black is difficult; one black looks bluer or grayer by comparison. Therefore, I rarely wear a black skirt and black top together. 

For instance, I have a great black sweater. The skirt I wear with it is red. Sometimes white. Maybe camel. Pretty much anything but black. Black tops really makes the face pop—black is a very flattering hue to the face.
Carolina Herrera
As for the black skirt, I have red jackets, winter white jackets, orange jackets, and so forth.
Ralph Lauren
As for dresses, there are black frocks available with little punches of color.

Letting go of black completely is being rather unreasonable. Black is and should be a staple in women's wardrobes, but a balance should be found to snazz it up. Like colorful shoes or brooches.

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