Sunday, February 17, 2013

Expectations: How Low Can You Go

Last Man Standing, "The Passion of Mandy": 

"Mom," her 14-year-old daughter asks, teary-eyed and broken-hearted. "Will I ever like another boy again?" 

"I promise you: There will be many, many, boys. And they will all be equally disappointing."


Sophie-Marie said...

Ah, yes, words of wisdom I wish I had heard at 14... No, wait, I did! I just didn't listen.

Anonymous said...

I love that show! It's the only show that has at least one character who espouses more traditional values who isn't completely vilified. And it's just darned funny.

Princess Lea said...

It's amazing how many lives Tim Allen has. And it does magically stay balanced (even though most television ends up being democrats.

It is darn funny! And I hate laugh track!