Friday, February 1, 2013

Smashbox MegaTint Long Wear Lip Color

I know, the majority of the makeups that I feature here may be a tad strong for the average gal, especially those who prefer a more neutral look. 

Behold! I bring thee Smashbox MegaTint Long Wear Lip Color in Nude! And I actually bought it!

I've been on the search for a less hysterical shade when I am not sure who or what my audience will be. The Nude jumped out at me, described as a "pale soft neutral pink," as it is seems to be the perfect color for emphasizing, but not dramatizing, lips. Your lips, but better.
Don't get me wrong, "Punch" is also quite pleasing to my eye, and I may succumb to temptation

Mind you, while it refers to itself as "Long Wear," it is not, not any more than any other lipstick, so not for Shabbos purposes.     


Tovah11 said...

That is a beautiful color!

The Beckster said...

Like this color...I'm on the hunt for a somewhat "long wearing" lip color. I tried Revlon Long kind of lasts but it's insanely drying. Any recommendations Princess Lea?

Princess Lea said...

Tovah: So it is! My Bàbi requested a lipstick and I decided to be selfless and give it to her. She's going to love it.

Beck: Do you mean Shabbos wear or everyday? For Shabbos wear, I have a whole bunch of choices on the subject. (Check out the "Shabbos Face" category).

For weekday, regular matte or semi-matte finish lipsticks are my choice, two or three layers, blotting after each. Then it really lasts.

Check out the matte options from Mac:

The Beckster said...

Okay great. Thank you!