Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Paging Dr. Love

I went to a doctor (against my will, for nothing serious) and was surprised to see his name a week later on my caller ID.

Oh, shoot, I thought. I didn't pick up that prescription yet. But it costs a fortune and not even that necessary. How did he know? Dang

I picked up the phone, feverishly trying to come with a viable excuse. 

"Listen, I know a tall guy, and since you're tall, I thought of you." 

I was totally sandbagged. 

"Is it okay if I give him your number?" 

"I . . . um . . .  who . . . name?" I managed to stammer. 

"His name is Carlist Rieekan. Can I give him your number?"

"He . . . not serial killer?" I hemmed. 


Oops, no sense of humor. 

"I . . . guess . . . okay?" I hawed. 

"Great! I'll give him your number." 


I stared at the phone in shock. What just happened? 

Carlist called a few days later, and we went out. He was actually hysterically funny, but we didn't seem to have anything else in common. I actually thought of another girl I knew for him. 

But what to do about my shadchan? I can't exactly ignore him, and I don't know when to call a doctor to make polite chit-chat.

I sent a thank you card.


MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

First of all, Carlist? That's a name?
Second of all, I don't know about the AMA's version of things but up in Canada what he did was a big no-no. Someting called boundaries where a physician doesn't try to involve himself in your personal life without permission. That's what worried me most about this story.

Princess Lea said...

It was a frum ENT, not a therapist, where suggesting a date to the mentally fragile would be considered a real breach of medical standards.

And yes, Carlist was a general for the rebel forces. There's a wookiepedia link and everything.

The Beckster said...

This is hilarious.

shhh said...

whew awkward!