Friday, February 15, 2013

The Practical Side of Lipstick

Hurricane Sandy left a large population homebound and powerless, and I was no exception. 

Huddled beneath layers, I certainly did not bother applying Face; I figured it was a good opportunity for my skin to have a vacation. Although the neglect was mostly from depression. 

By the second day, my lips were agonizingly chapped. I don't lick my lips (lipstick breaks that habit pretty quick), so I couldn't understand why they were in such bad shape. I repeatedly shmeared on various lip balms, petroleum- (blah) and beeswax-based. Instead of providing any relief, a painful and irritating crack formed midway on my lower lip.

I then recalled that a day when I don't don lipstick of some sort is a rarity. On a lark, I coated on an old red-pink lipstick that I needed to use up. 

Practically immediately my lips began to flake off the dead, chapped skin. Unlike lip balms, lipstick has better staying power, so it was able to provide moisturization for longer. It seems I am not the only one with this theory.

Matte shades tend to suck moisture out, so I would say satin finishes provide better lip love.     


Maya Resnikoff said...

Fascinating- I generally don't wear lipstick because every time I do, unless I put lip balm underneath, my lips start to dry out and even crack and bleed. I wonder what your lips know that mine don't.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

1..2..3... Princess!

Princess Lea said...

Maya: It could depend on the lipstick's finish, like matte, which sucks moisture right out. I apply SPF balm beneath my lipstick for protection.

The Beckster said...

Satin finishes, you say? I must try that. I haven't managed to find my Holy Grail of lipsticks yet. Grr...As far as lip balm is concerned, I HAVE found an excellent one. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm is pricey but worth every cent.

Princess Lea said...

Oh yes, the Fresh Sugar is lovely. I got it as a sample and my, it is yummy.

I have no holy grail yet. Usually whenever I find one I love it gets discontinued. But I quite love right now the Nars Pure Matte lipstick in Carthage. Hot pink, and easy to apply. But matte, so balm beneath is a good idea.