Friday, February 8, 2013

Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover

When it comes to nail polish remover, I had always stuck with the drugstore-issue acetone variety. It takes off everything easily, whereas the non-acetone is absolutely useless. My high school had kept a bottle around in case a student was violating the rules, and I ended up scraping off my clear coat of nail-reinforcing polish as the remover seemed to be noxious smelling water

I had purchased once from Vitacost Honeybee Gardens Nail Polish Remover since I had become temporarily paranoid about the chemicals in my other remover, and it ended up percolating beneath my bathroom sink
One day I ran out of my other stuff, so I used the Honeybee remover on my maroon nails. Now the acetone is getting chucked. 

Usually, after removing dark colored polish, my nails would be stained afterward with the hue, and the color wouldn't truly go away until the nail had grown out.
Via Mine would look like that.
However, with the Honeybee, my nails were perfectly pristine, devoid of any evidence of the previous nail color. They looked vividly pink, healthy, and natural. 

I have to make sure the cotton ball is soaked thoroughly through with the liquid, then the Honeybee takes every single presence of color away. 


Tovah11 said...

Wow. Where do you get that? I'm assuming any health store?

Princess Lea said...

I get it on Vitacost, that website I linked. I get so much stuff from there; oat bran, cornmeal, pasta, cleansers, shampoo, conditioners, coconut oil as a moisturizer. Free shipping over $50 and I get so much of my groceries there.