Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fashion is not Man Repellent

A local Jewish owned magazine is making its rounds as a fashion periodical for the frum gal who likes her InStyle. It has photos of what is supposed to be fashionable Jewesses, but I blinked in confusion. 

In the rigorous education of Hungarian aesthetics, there is one rule that is paramount: Looking good. Meaning, if a tutu is the hottest new trend, it wouldn't matter to me, since I look laughable in anything flary. 

Nearly every woman featured in those glossy pages was wearing the new it-item, the furry vest. 
I wish the furry vest well. But due to my build it is a partnership that will never be. Additionally, I eschew vests of any kind, since my arms would be left exposed and chilly while my torso would be overheated. I prefer more even, all-round roasting. 

There are many women who look sharp in a furry vest. But not everyone does. Nor does the standard thigh-length flatter all, since it obscures the curvaceous lines of the female figure.  

If one wants to look at fashion strictly in terms of artwork, that is one thing. Art has its pretty, its ugly, its downright terrifying. But art should not be predictable or overdone, either.

Fashion is about a personal sense of style, of cultivating an individual identity via the conduit of wardrobe. First comes an established sense of what one can wear based on body type, next how snazzy details can then be availed of. 

Purchasing a furry vest because everyone else has does not make one fashionable. It makes one trendy. If one dons a furry vest because one truly feels that it highlights their physical qualities and downplays their faults, wunderbar 

Clothing, for me, is my means to bring out my best self, both in appearance and the resultant confidence. Trends, unless they actually like me, have no place in my closet.    


FrumGeek said...

I dont think fur EVER looks good. Warm and fuzzy, sure, but it doesnt look good, imo.

The Beckster said...

I agree. I went to this local Jewish event tonight and half the women there were wearing this furry vest. It looked great on some...but I don't think it's for me either. I was never one to always embrace trends. Sure, I'm mostly a fashion blogger and I like to be "in the know." But, at the end of the day, I don't care if all everyone's suddenly wearing this, that, and the other. Fashion is all about individuality (as you said), and where's the individuality in forcing oneself to be like everyone else. On a different note, I wish I could start my own Jewish fashion mag. Want to join me Princess Lea? I applied for InFashion, but they don't pay and I'm having a hard time reaching them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, unrelated to this post... I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Check out my latest post :)

Princess Lea said...

FG: Oh, I must quibble there. Fur is just so waaaaaarm. AND pretty, if cut correctly. Rabbit doesn't add bulk, for instance.

Beck: InFashion don't pay!?! Not much hope for me, I guess. I like to do minimum amount of effort for highest possible wage. Most people also expect a fashion magazine to provide trends, since they are not interested in individuality - sad but true.

It's a great idea, but at this point I don't think I can take it up. :D

RK: Thanks, Ruchi!

FrumGeek said...

Oh, I have no doubt it's warm and comfortable. I just don't think it looks good. Just seems snobbish.

Princess Lea said...

Snobbish? It possesses form and function, keeping many a Hungarian Bàbi warm. Fur actually is not the most expensive item out there, and it gets a lot of use.

FrumGeek said...

I know. But for some reason, my brain assosiates it with snobbery.