Monday, February 11, 2013

Purim Best

When it came to dressing up for Purim when I was a kid, Ma had very specific Hungarian guidelines. 

"You should look pretty," she insisted. 

I was a cowgirl for years (I was happy with that; I had a fake pearl-handled revolver, along with adorable pigtails) until I grew out of my costume. Then, alternately, I was Chinese (thanks to the cheongsam my aunt gave me), a Spanish niña (¡Olé!), and one year a rather dapper male in Luke's outgrown suit and trench coat, my hair tucked into a gray fedora (I was 11, a last huzzah if you will). 

There are so many cultures out there with beautifully garbed females, along with stupendous makeup—women, think twice before climbing into that banana costume!
Guys, you are included in this one as well, except you must look good, if "pretty" isn't the adjective you seek. (Please don't cross-dress. While that may be cited in some texts, I want to heave when I see a 5 o'clock shadow paired with smeared lipstick).

Instead of wearing the orange coveralls of a convict, or a clownish rainbow wig, or the hot dog getup: Ladies, be lovely and exotic. Men, dashing and handsome.

That's why Esther is such a grand choice for girls; being dressed as a queen is automatically pretty. Especially if one tries to go for the authentic: 
Tiffany Dupont as Queen Esther in "One Night with the King"
Now, for the dudes. Is it just me, but when I consider the most dashing masked man of them all, I come up with: 

Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! 

Even George Hamilton's Gay Blade won me over, in all its farcical glory. 
Get my Hungarian drift?
A glamorous Purim to all!   


FrumGeek said...

Every year I'm a different superhero. Last year I was Batman, but it's Superman this year (in honor of his upcoming movie).

You're never too old to dress up! (Just look at all those folks at ComicCon!)

The Beckster said...

My inner child wants to disagree with this and say "to heck with it! I'm going to be Bozo the Clown no matter what!" There is a certain liberation that comes with a day where you're technically off the hook, and can ditch your mundane hair/makeup styling. Yet, my actual adult self will win this debate in the end. Sigh. I think I'll be a gypsy, as I have olive-skin and dark features anyways. I'll gravitate towards the "pretty and exotic" like you said.

FrumGeek said...


The Beckster said...

Yes, pretty much :)

Princess Lea said...

FG: Just keep away from the fake six-pack abs. I always find those a little disturbing.

Beck: Oooh, I love the classic gypsy look! Esmeralda is perfect model to copy.

FrumGeek said...

who needs fake? ;)

Princess Lea said...

Pretty impressive. :P

Elisheva said...

Right on! I can't agree with you more. There are so many iterations of gorgeous or interesting stuff we just can't get away with in everyday life - Purim is the perfect time to wear them.
I was just actually reviewing all my past Purim costumes in prep for a blog post - I'm so excited!I love Purim!

Princess Lea said...

That ought to be fun (and gorgeous)! I don't know why, but my internet browser has now classified your website as "mature/adult content." I sent them a message to reconsider (they did the same thing with onlysimchas for a couple of days) but on one of my computers I can't see your full blog - only the basic text, no photos.

It sucks, since I love your blog!

Elisheva said...

Hmm...that is strange. Does it do that with all tumblr blogs? Thank you, though! If you can't see the photos, I'll be posting some on facebook over the week too.