Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedge With An Edge

After much observation, there should be an established law about what wedges look good. So I shall establish it.

The wedge and the rest of the shoe should be two different colors.
Guiseppe Zanotti
When the wedge and the rest of the shoe are the same color, it provides the false image that one's foot is a blockish shape. 

To illustrate with The King and I: The females of the king's harem peer under the circa-1860s voluminous hoops of Anna, and she shrieks, "What are they doing to me?" Lady Thiang answers, "They think you dress like that because you shaped like that."
To ensure one's foot looks dainty despite being encased in a lot of shoe, opt for a multi-hued wedge. 


tesyaa said...

I love clunky wedges. Maybe it depends on your body type and style of dress. To me, when I wear a clunky wedge, I feel that it makes the rest of me look tiny and waiflike.

But I think my husband is against all wedges except maybe the daintiest.

Princess Lea said...

My issue is not if the wedge itself is clunky, but if there is a breakup in the color. A color divide will provide a more flattering illusion.

I can understand that effect, since I wear men's watches because I feel dainty by comparison.

However, when it comes to shoes, it was drummed in my dear little ear since infancy that a shoe must make the foot look smaller, not larger. Oh, how my grandmother insisted.

tesyaa said...

It's got to be carefully taught!

Princess Lea said...

Last night there was a special on Rogers and Hammerstein on TCM. "Some enchanted evening . . ."

ZP said...

I love wedges, I wear them all the time. The ones first picture are beautiful! I want them!

Princess Lea said...

Sadly, those are an old model and I believe are no longer available. They were originally $750. (Cough)