Thursday, March 29, 2012

Battle of the Bulge: Know What You Like

As those who successfully maintain their weight will testify, they focus on eating what they really enjoy, not mindlessly consuming a dish just because it's there. If it is extremely fattening, they will have just a little. 

For instance, when I go out to eat by other people's houses for Shabbos I know that I will happily consume their forshbeis or fish, then soup, but chances are their meat won't appeal to me, and I don't have much during the main course. 

Don't waste calories on "meh" dishes. If before a packed table or tempting shmorg, take only a little of each until what really appeals to you makes an appearance. 

I have two major weaknesses: potatoes (in any form) and sugar (specifically in the milk chocolate/homemade cake form).  

It is probably because of my unhealthy appetite for french fries that I restrict eating out to four times per annum. French fries are "poisonous" due to the high amounts of fat and salt, and I cannot be in the same room with them.
Hold me.
Luckily, I will happily take potatoes of the sweet/yam variety, sauteed with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and maple syrup.
Pinch me!
Pesach: The death knell for any diet. Especially in my house, where a box of Shatzer is ravaged. ("Mine! It was MY piece!" "No way, I got it first!" Give it back if you value your life!" "I'd like to see you try!")
As everyone knows, matzah is less than friendly to waistlines. One year I couldn't shake the added 5 pounds until I was forced to take my crotchety niece on two-hour walks in August's 93 degree heat. 

Nothing is more divine than buttered matzah. So last year I went with a new tactic. For every meal, I sat down with ONE solitary matzah, buttered it lovingly, and that was it: no more crackery goodness. I succeeded in keeping my weight steady, only to be dragged down by Shavuous.

But you get my point. Focus on the favorites, not the filler.


Nechama said...

Ah, potatoes! Pesach is approaching, my dear potato. Mashed potatoes, here we come...

With an onion of course.

Princess Lea said...

No other way to have it! Saute that onion, until perfectly carmelized . . . to quote Homer Simpson, guttural moan.

iRiR said...

Btw, eat chocolate. I just read this study:

I really don't get your fascination with potatoes. I, for one, can't stand the texture. But french fries are pretty good (in the same mouthful as pizza).

Princess Lea said...

My chocolate love is strictly for the milk variety, so no health benefits there.

Tovah Brinton said...

Those yams look so great. Are they hard to make? Do you cook them first then cut them up?

Me. Need. Those. Yams.

Princess Lea said...

I made them for my lunch today (something like it). I cut 'em up, cook them a little in water, then sautee them in olive oil, along with a drizzle of grade-a maple syrup. Knee-knockingly good.