Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From Where Will My Comfort Come

I have a great hair guy. He's cheap, a miracle worker, and a member of the tribe.  

He asks me regularly if I have a boyfriend (gossip material). I then visualize all the other frum girls in his chair, gushing about their imminent nuptials. Warily I respond in the negative. 

"It happens very quickly," he said. "Just one day, you meet someone, and then . . . there you go." 

Somehow that simple statement, casually uttered while my scalp was screaming in agony from blow-dryer heat, was incredibly soothing. 


Mystery Woman said...

What he says is so true. I say the same thing to my daughter. Something can come up tomorrow and it can go so quickly, even if today it seems like nothing is happening.

Princess Lea said...

My mother finds herself quoting him all the time.

Hidden depths.

Altie said...

People tell me that all the time. Ya, it could go very fast. Good to remember.

So you have a hair guy? Interesting. Is that okay according to halacha, since there are many females who cut hair as well, and it is not the same as a male doctor?

Anonymous said...

I don't have a regular hair stylist, that's a standard question, though at this point in my life I'm starting to get the "are you married?" "do you have any kids?" questions. I have to admit that the honest surprise when I say no makes me feel a little better about myself--like, see? there's nothing obviously wrong with me that explains why I'm still single!--because, often in the frum world you feel so self-conscious about being unmarried that you start to wonder about yourself.

Fashion-isha said...

LOL! Love your humor. Why don't you promote your blog on facebook and twitter, you'd get more followers!

Social media is the way to go!

Anonymous said...


Princess Lea said...

Altie: To get a woman of this quality, I would have to spend a fortune.

Halachically, there can be opinions that go either way. I shake men's hands, because it is not b'derech chiba.

Anon1: True. It doesn't take much for me to think "Did I sprout a third eye or something?"

FI: Maybe one day.

Anon2: Yes, George! He gave you the same line? Feel free to email me at - we appear to know each other.

March 15, 2012 9:25 AM