Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Low

It was bad enough that Halberstam's article got published; now people who should know better are giving it validity. On the news you can hear the absolute disgust in the reporter's voice. 

And I had thought the Groggers' music video was mocking the concept of nose jobs, not advertising them! Even plastic surgeons are having a cow. 

Great. We are now the shallow people, rather than the chosen. 


Anonymous said...

Kinda reminds me of the time a few years ago when a beautician in my community had an add that, among other things, offered a free beauty consultation for girls before a date. Guess nobody took her up on her offer, because her husband wrote an angry letter to the community paper all about how his wife "was trying to do her part to help the shidduch crisis" and he doesn't understand why girls weren't jumping at her generous offer.

You know these silly girls--if only they were a bit prettier, there'd be no shidduch crisis!

itchemeyer said...

Here's the best comment I saw on the whole issue:

Of course, common sense doesn't go over well in the frum world.

Princess Lea said...

My stance is there is no shidduch crisis. An idiot crisis, maybe, when anyone thinks they can say hurtful, irreligious things for less than noble intentions. This woman should not have been given any validity, and what is also mind-boggling is how she wrote a book called "Small Miracle of the Holocaust."

The Holocaust. The WAR, lady. That was a crisis. And if she thinks men crawled out from the camps and decided to get particular about nose length, she must be smoking something.

People married after the war to rebuild. To create stable homes. To nurture new life into a decimated community. And she can write such drivel?

She missed the point of her own book.

FrumGeek said...

...I'm scared for my future children...