Friday, March 16, 2012

Shabbos Face: Mascara

After applying primer, the lashes are white and thick with added fibers; my lashes now are pretty clumped together, so I use a mascara with a fine comb brush as well as fiber-adhering properties, like Ultraflesh Panthera Mascara
Of course I get a kick out of the holder. Look, a ketzy!

While the primer is still wet (after it dries it is impossible to work with) I apply the mascara slowly, starting first at the base of the lashes and wriggling the brush side to side. If I do it quickly then I just strip off the primer.

Afterwards, the lashes should be nicely combed out yet full, long, and thick. I often like to add some more kick, so I use d.i.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX or Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara on top after the first layer dries. These two also have lash-hugging fibers, making the lashes really pop. I dab it on gently so it doesn't clump together my freshly separated lashes. 

Don't be afraid to coat, coat, coat your lashes. If lashes are skimpy and sparse in their natural form, that can usually be rectified with many, many, many layers of mascara.  

I prefer the mascara method as there is some talk how false lashes weaken the actual lashes.    

These lashes tend to behave themselves for all of Shabbos, never going anywhere. Providing I generously coat, they stay put for yontif as well. They do not leave smudges under my eyes after a night's sleep + nap.

Behold, ladies, fake lashes without the fake lashes!

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