Friday, March 9, 2012


You are so lame, I tell myself. 

It's not for the reasons you think, my ego counters defensively. I do this to know there are other Jews out there, y'know? Other Jews with different lifestyles, who come together to share their news. 

You are still lame, my self snorts at me. 

Be quiet, this engagement comes with photos. 

OK, I am a confessed Only Simchas! surfer. It just constantly amazes me is how there are so many frum Jews out there that I didn't know of. 

What, she's from my town? I never saw her before. 

Luke pounces from behind, annoyingly leaning on the back of my chair until it starts to tip back. 

"Looking at this stuff again, huh?" he smirks. 

Wait for it . . . 

"Click on that engagement, will ya? I think I know him . . ."


"What in the world is that kallah wearing?"


"I like that guy's glasses." 

"Luke, would you like the chair so you can see better?"

We are all just a bunch of yentas.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Princess Lea,

This comment doesn't have to do with this post, but I didn't know where to put this comment, so I just stuck it here...
Basically, I have a really hard time reading your blog. Whenever I click on your blog, the whole page goes very slowly. It is very hard to scroll down and read what you wrote. I don't have this problem with the other blogs that I read. Is there a way for you to speed up your blog?

Thanks so much!
An interested reader!

Princess Lea said...


Hmmm. This is the first I heard of this, and I haven't experienced it myself. For the first three seconds or it has to load all the various apps I tacked on, but then it is smooth sailing.

Blogger help is, well, no help, in general.

I'll ask the rest of the readership if they have been having problems.

Thanks for making me aware!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, but also find the wait time to be much longer than that of other blogs.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem in Internet Explorer, but when using Chrome I have no problem (Chrome seems to handle graphics/flash/whatever-its-called better than other browsers0

Princess Lea said...

I use Firefox, and I tried going on the blog while not logged in and it was OK. Took 5 seconds for the widgets to load, but then it was OK.

I tried it with Internet Explorer, and also the same weight time.

Oy. I hope I won't have to disable the widgets. I think they're so festive.

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's the 1st Anon again,

Basically it goes really slow the whole time, even after the widgets have loaded. Sorry! I hate for you to ruin your beautiful page, but it is so frustrating! I don't have this problem with other blogs...

Princess Lea said...

Ok, I'm going to remove the widgets. Tell me if it makes things better or not.

Anonymous said...

Hi, again,

Yep. It is so much better! I can scroll down the page without the whole page freezing up.

Thanks! And interesting post today! :)

Princess Lea said...

I'm curious - do you use a smartphone or a computer to read blogs?

Princess Lea said...

And I may succumb to temptation by trying other widgets. Please tell me if they interfere with scrolling ability.