Tuesday, March 27, 2012


We frummies are now officially inventors of a trend! Specifically, skirts—they are in with a vengeance, my coreligionists
Via GastroChic.com
After years of being overlooked, skirts have become beloved for their multiple-uses. 
Ms. Berman . . . has noticed her peers [are] rediscovering a wardrobe staple that has languished in recent years, in short supply at retail and all but supplanted on city streets by dresses and skinny jeans.“Fashion-y people had a craving for skirts,” she said, “even if they didn’t know it.” 
It was chic but no one realized. Not only that, no one skirt style reigns; all species are selling fabulously. Although, many still do consider below-the-knee lengths to be, and I quote, "matronly, a relic straight out of granny’s closet." However, I have read in more than one magazine how right below the knee is the most universally flattering length. 
Skirts’ very multiplicity, emblematic of a fashion landscape in which no single style or trend prevails, is acting as catnip to consumers, who are combining skirts, long and short, slim and wide, plain and patterned, with pieces varying from tank tops to mannish shirts, from turtlenecks to blazers.
“The skirt has become the new hot toy for women to play with in fashion,” said Marshal Cohen . . . For the first time in six years, he said, “consumers are thinking, If I’m going to update my wardrobe, I’ll put my money on a skirt.
But don't let oneself get carried away, since the fist commandment, and I will say it again, no matter how much you roll your eyes, is know thy body type. Therefore, though I hunger for a '50s-esque petticoat-layered flarey skirt, no way can I wear it. 
I am doomed to spend my life with pencil skirts.  
But that doesn't mean they have to be boring . . .


Anonymous said...

I find that pencil skirts are so ubiquitous in the frum community. I don't know your body shape but there IS a floaty skirt out there for just about everyone...it's all in the execution. I balance a pear shape with fitted jackets on top with a-line underneath...instant hourglass. When I wear something floor length its usually fitted over hips/rear and flaring below to add height.

Get thee to an Anthropologie! They can be relied upon for lengths, but also have lots of fabrics (lighter to reduce bulk of a flared skirt) and prints (The better to call attention to the slim calves...) to choose from.

Princess Lea said...

Believe me, my reasons for pencil skirts are not because the frum community is wearing them; I am one of the few "apples" in my neighborhood. I have a few fit-and-flare skirts, but what suits me best are pencil.

You are dressing perfectly for your build, which is imperative; fitted jackets and flarey skirts. How I pray every day that youngsters will quit the pencils for that which is more ideal to their body type.

I adore Anthropologie, but I can never find anything long enough for my height. I stick to their overpriced accessories.