Monday, March 12, 2012

What Not To Wear: Eyeshadow Edition

Having already discussed the most flattering for all, I would like to now delve into what should never be worn. 

The first banned hue: red/pink. I never understood why some makeup artists recommend it. Consider the original Leah - after all that non-stop weeping, what color would her eyes have been? 

Red/pink eyeshadow give rise to the thought of  eye infections and  crying over ex-boyfriends. Red/pink goes on the lips, the cheeks, the nails, but not the eyes.
Second banned hue: bright blue, specifically turquoise/aqua/light shades (navy I'll permit). I find such blues don't heighten; rather they distract from the eye, which should be the focus. She agrees with me

The purpose of makeup is to exaggerate and emphasize the features, not overpower themthe eyes should be what others see first, not the eyeshadow

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