Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are We a Sparkly People?

In your new movie, “The Debt,” you very convincingly play a retired Mossad agent. Before immigrating to England, your grandfather was a czarist colonel from a noble Russian family. What are the chances you’re a secret Jew, as Madeleine Albright discovered late in life?
I wouldn’t be surprised. But if I am, I doubt very much that it’s on my Russian side, which is quite defined. It would more likely be on my English side. My mum came from the working-class East End of London, where the Jewish immigrants began their journey in English society. I’ve always thought I might have either some Jewish or some Gypsy, one or the other.
Have there been any moments when you thought — Oh, I feel very Jewish.
My love of sparkle. I don’t think that’s particularly Jewish or Gypsy, but I do have a certain love of sparkle.
Does that mean bling or anything shiny? Wondering if such interests are characteristic of our race, I noticed that the only sparkly I like is real jewelry. 

Oh, dear.  


ZP said...

I'd like to think that we sparkle from inside out :)

SiBaW said...

It seems us Jews are overly fond of silver things. I don’t really understand why.

Princess Lea said...

ZP: I chuckled out loud.

SiBaW: Oh, I'm not silver. No china closet for me! I like yellow gold . . .

SiBaW said...

Really? So no candelsticks, challah knives, bechers, menorah, washing cup, megila case, candy bowls, esrog box, and korah for your future home? When you think about it, Jewish gifts seem to be comprised of mostly silver. Besides, I’m not sure if those items come in any variant of gold.

Princess Lea said...

Yellow gold for bling.

Candlesticks: lucite.
Challah knife: wooden handle.
bechers: ok, silver.
menorah: likewise.
washing cup: something see-through with greenery floating around inside.
megillah case: wood again.
candy bowls: porcelain or glass.
esrog box: wicker.
kearah: glass.

At least, that is what is currently floating around my house.