Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wicked Beat Box

With Matisyahu's most recent album, Light, I have become a serious fan. I initially bought the songs individually, then I realized I should have just bought the whole album already.

He does some awesome beat box in this video. 

Keep up the good PR for us Yidden, man!


Anonymous said...

Light is two albums ago. Most recent is Live @ Stubbs two. (Ok, live @ stubbs is mostly old songs, but he does have i think three new ones on it).

Re good PR, i used to be all into that, recently I have been sorta turned off by him. He put out a video ad for live @ stubbs 2 which was in extremely poor taste, and the things he tweets are sorta off to say the least. But yes, he definitely does get a message out there.

Princess Lea said...

In the end, he's the only observant musician we've got out there that proves that we aren't lame.

I bought the CD for my niece since she was into "One Day," and now I get major satisfaction hearing Luke's three kids singing with Jamaican accents.

guyinla said...

if there's only one observant and non-lame musician, then perhaps we are lame:)

Princess Lea said...

Whoo! We are a lame people!