Friday, September 9, 2011

Shabbos Face: Eye Shadow to Last

Eye shadow sometimes has problems anchoring on. Often I would go to a wedding all dolled up in shadow to have it quietly disappear over the course of the evening. But, as I hope I have proved, there is a primer for everything, and there are a great many options for shadow primer. 

My current shadow primer is Tarte Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol. I like Tarte due to the "natural" ingredients, and it does a good job of anchoring shadow on. It also claims to keep skin tight, which is all I need to hear.

One of the most commonly discussed primers is Urban Decay Primer Potion, which they have recently switched from a wand dispenser to a tube. I would recommend, of the four options available, to stick to either the Original or Eden. Greed is gold, which doesn't belong on the face, and Sin is shimmery, and I think I've made my feelings regarding sparkly makeup clear. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance is highly rated and also made without potentially questionable ingredients. I think I'm going to try that next.

The first one I ever tried was Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer, and it also did a very good job.

Shadow primer, while also keeping the shadow on, prevents the shadow from creasing unappealingly. 

When blending in the primer, use standard eye-product applying etiquette; using the ring finger, lightly tap, not shmear or rub, tap the product about.


Yedid Nefesh said...

I never use eye shadow but i still enjoy reading your advertising posts cus one day they'll sure be handy :)

Princess Lea said...

I'll convert you yet.

Idol Lash said...

I am looking for the right eyeshadow. Still trying to figure it out.