Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Pathetic . . . By Gentile Standards

There was an assumed understanding between myself and my non-Jewish or irreligious associates: obviously, observant Jews are insane to get married while still in their 20s. 

However, I am noticing a shift in mentality. 

"How can you tell if a Jewish guy is married?"

"Um, well, some wear a ring, but many don't, so you can't tell."

"Oh. I saw a guy on the train who looked nice and I thought of him for you." 


"Why don't you go to this . . . synagogue, it's called? Meet a nice boy?"


"I'm interviewing one of your people today. Should I ask if he's single?" 


"I work by this family and they have a very nice boy." (Translated from Czech; she's my sister's cleaning woman). 

Followed by: 

"My boyfriend isn't religious" (she's a magnificent Irish blonde) "but there's this rabbi-in-training friend of his that's very nice."

I am well aware what my neighbors and relatives think of me ("Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Nebach.") But I expected better from my out-of-the-loop non-Jewish buddies, who would equate marriage with bondage and should be avoided until 39 when the biological clock is ticking.

There's one fantasy shot to hell.  


Fashion-isha said...

Love reading your posts...very entertaining! L'shana Tova!

SternGrad said...

The thing with the secular world is that even though there is no pressure to get married while in your 20's, there is an equivalent amount of pressure to be dating someone/in a relationship/ have a boyfriend/girlfriend. We like to think that just because those in the secular world think getting married before 25 is wayyyy too young, that there is no pressure at all. But that is not true, it is just a very different kind of pressure.

Princess Lea said...

I'm surrounded on all fronts!