Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'm Steaming

When Dr. Phil first got his own show, enough people were gasping  at his wife's, Robin's, skin, to the point that she was given a segment to detail her skin regimen.

She advocating using a facial sauna as the way to keep her skin looking young, but it is also beneficial to all skin types. The steam opens up pores, allowing treatment to penetrate deeper, cleaning out gook (yes, "gook" is a technical term.) 

The Conair Facial Sauna Systems with Timer comes with another cone for steaming the sinuses, and also a rotating brush for facial cleansing, which is similar to the one I spent a fortune on. The timer feature is also convenient, forcing one to keep the face in there.
Once a week I make time and give my pores a good steam. If my skin is not behaving I set the timer for longer.

If there are blemishes lurking under the skin, the steam helps to bring them to the surface, speeding up the healing process. I have blackheads on my nose, and with the use of a blemish extractor I can press out excess sebum, making the nose pores look smaller. This should be done immediately after steaming - the pores start to close up pretty fast.

Don't get too violent or there will be scarring. The smaller circle is best for clogged pores, the larger loop for blemishes. Press and hope for the best, but don't hurt the skin.


the gelt said...

that extractor tool? my biggest vice. seriously.

Princess Lea said...

I used to use it waaaaaaay too often, but now that I am on retinoids I currently don't have much use for it. Retinoids roooooock (sing-song).