Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DYO French Nails

With support from ZP, I tackled french nails—and emerged somewhat successful, using polishes already available in my own home. 
I'm not a fan of the brush, which is the same thickness of a regular nail polish brush. To paint on tips, I painted them on sideways, in a long (and somewhat neat) line.
  • For the overall color, Essie My Private Cabana.
It gives my nails a rich, healthy, yet sheer pink, and I applied two coats before doing the tips. Technically tips are usually done in between color coats, but the polish has such a pink hue that it would taint the whiteness.
Ooh, classy!

Now for my second try, after finding:
I had been searching for a long while for a white nail art polish since the brush is much thinner as compared to standard polish brushes. I wanted to see what sort of accuracy it would provide.
  • For nail color I used Essie Spaghetti Strap. Still distinctly pink, it is paler than my previous selection. 
How did the Milani work out? Pretty well. Because the brush is much thinner I was able to get more technical in hard-to-reach areas. My left hand, however, wasn't very steady, but with practice I should improve. 
By my third try, the tips were much more even and accurate. Any boo-boos I tweaked with a nail art dot tool.


ZP said...

I'm glad to see you are still doing! I usually have my nails done with a french manicure, though lately I've been using a lot of light pinks.

Also, if someone doesn't have a steady hand, you can use a q-tip and dip in nail polish remover and before applying the pink coat, you clean up the white.

Princess Lea said...

My hand certainly doesn't get any steadier with a q-tip full of remover! :)

But I am glad that I can do it myself (kinda) if the situation calls for it.