Friday, July 20, 2012

Yontif Eyeshadow

It has become obvious to me that amongst my matte powder eyeshadows, not all are created the equal. For instance, whenever I wear Illamasqua eyeshadow in Incubus over Shabbos, even with shadow primer, it is very possible a good chunk of it will be worn off by morning. 

However, the Stila Matte Mineral Eyeshadow in Sajama (a deep blue-ish gray) that I bought on Ebay lasts pretty much, well, forever with primer. I kid you not—three days of yontif, three days of eyeshadow. It's like a holiday miracle. 

When I initially bought Sajama it had already been discontinued; I had simply done a search for "matte gray eyeshadow," and there it was on Ebay. From what I have read about the other discontinued Stila Mineral Matte shades, such as Nanda Devi (a chocolate brown), they are also amazingly long-wearing.
Nanda Devi
I'm doing research do find what other colors have great staying power—I have heard that Make Up Forever and Nars eyeshadows last long, but I really can't prove it at the moment. I simply purchased another pan (it doesn't come in a holder) of Sajama.
But know this: Sajama is very dark.
Sajama is second from the left, and Nanda Devi second from right. Certainly not for those who prefer milder shades. 

I have noticed that darker pigments will last longer than lighter ones. Since I don't mind some makeup drama, that works for me. But for those preferring less intense color, the search may take a while.

(Yes, I know it's not Yontif for a while yet, but this is the time to plan. It's so sad to see frantic women in the drugstore makeup aisle on erev holiday, unsure what will last. I once gave a woman a whole tutorial in front of the Revlon display. Experiment now.) 

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