Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shabbos Face: Not Just for Shabbos?

Now, I thought it was only us frummies who were concerned with keeping makeup on for 25+ hours. However, this article testifies to the author's love of overnight Face.
She lists a number of long-wearing products from Revlon, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Covergirl; I have found that drugstore cosmetics offer these rather than department store brands.

Ma's mascara "method" is also referenced: 
Mascara should be a strictly cumulative affair, if you ask me; it’s so much better after two or three days’ worth of top coats.
2-3 days? Child's play. I think Ma's mascara has never come off until that time she came down with flu and was bed-ridden for weeks. She washes her face every night around the lashes. 

The good thing is, even if part of the Face wears off, those leftover details provide enough to enhance and pretty-fy. At least I'll tell myself that when my lipstick finally hits the road on the third day of yontif.


Atara said...

Okay, you may answer "Beauty is Pain"...but seriously, is keeping makeup overnight good for your skin? i highly doubt it; I have seen several articles and studies to the contrary. Okay, I do it over Shabbos too... but to keep mascara on for 2-3days!?! I can't imagine that's good for one's eyes.

Princess Lea said...

I wouldn't say "Beauty is Pain." When one enjoys it one feels no agony. (Hm, that sounds kind of masochistic, doesn't it?)

I wash my entire Face off every single night, except for Friday night. I'm actually going to sleep on a freshly applied Face, so it's not like I have a day's worth of grime on there.

I would of course advocate removing makeup every night. No matter what BareMinerals advertises ("Makeup so pure you can sleep in it") one's skin needs to be rid of all the things it came into contact with over the past day.

As for Ma, she washes nightly but rarely takes off her mascara. Her eye doctor hasn't noticed any damage, so hopefully she's still in the clear.

Another reason why I linked the article because they mention quite a few long wear products to try for Shabbos use. If gentiles are keeping their Faces on indefinitely, might as well learn something. :)

corti said...

Interesting you say that mascara looks best if you sleep in it for a few days and add a coat each day. I personally favor makeup that just enhances my face without radically transforming it, for many reasons (TIME on an average morning) but I also get nervous that if I wear tons of makeup, the guy I marry will feel majorly disappointed/misled the first morning that I wake up without makeup. I also never want to feel like I'd be ashamed to walk out of the house without makeup (it's not my best scenario, but again I don't look radically different in either condition.) So even if I wear more, I'm always careful not to stray too far from my non-made up look- and conversely if I am wearing more makeup and it's an amazing look, I take note of how much makeup it took to get there and try to keep it down. I know a lot of girls who wear full faces of makeup daily and when I've mentioned this argument to others, they have said things like, "It's possible that your husband will never see you without makeup, I know girls who do it." I guess something like this Mascara Move would help one stay perpetually made up. And others say the guy doesn't care what you look like when you wake up as long as you achieve that magnificent look at some point and maintain it for most of the time that he is/others are looking at you.

PS This is just my personal philosophy on makeup, most people don't agree with it.

Anonymous said...

I remember the first time my fiance saw me without makeup. We had been dating long distance for a few months (plenty of warning when and where to apply makeup) when suddenly I ran into him in my local grocery store on a random Friday afternoon, pre-Shabbos shower, hair re-do, and any kind of acceptable clothing. I was so embarrassed I actually tried to make a run for it ("hahaha, what a surprise, well, I think my dryer's beeping ten blocks away"), but he just laughed. He told me later he hadn't even noticed and couldn't care less. I think many guys reach that point.

Maya Resnikoff said...

My husband notices when I wear makeup- I don't usually. He doesn't seem displeased either way, so I'm not stressed about it in any particular direction. Maybe, for my new job, I'll want to start wearing some- but I don't know, yet.

Princess Lea said...

Corti: It has come to a point that I won't go outdoors without makeup, but I still love it too much to put it aside. SO it all goes on, every day (I've timed it out to a system) and as for my husband seeing me without a Face on, well, he'll have to then focus on my "inner beauty." (Ha.)

But when it comes to the Face, my main motivation is for me. Not for a man. Frankly most men I know are rather clueless, and don't notice either way.

Anon proves me right!

Maya: I have noticed that when it comes to makeup, if one is wearing it one does get more respect. I find it an easy shortcut.