Monday, July 30, 2012

From Where? You Know.

Rabbi Yisroel Reisman is not a fan of segulos, but he mentioned this one. I like the sound of it since it is not like the usual newly-invented segulos, but one that has more history/weight. 

"Esa enai el heharim": This Shir HaMaalos (Tehillim 121) is connected to shidduchim; Yaakov Avinu supposedly said it while seeking a spouse. "Esa" connects to "nisuin," and "heharim" is "horim"—that when one is searching for a spouse, one should look to values from their own background.

But in the end, "ezri may-im Hashem"—it all comes from the Eibishter. Spouses, ultimately, is from the Big Matchmaker in the sky.
Artwork by Jackie Olenick,
One should say this kapitul with the following mindset: While I am in the field, I must have the proper perspective of what is important in a marriage, and understand that everything comes from God.

I like this "segulah."  

While the visual is a little grainy, there is certainly nothing wrong with the audio. A most appropriate tune for any wedding.


Risa said...

I heard this "segulah" from Rabbi Reisman and "tried it"... and now, a few months later, am Boruch Hashem happily married! It definitely helped me inject some stronger concentration into my tfillos, which are the best "segulah" around. Hope it "works" for you and your readers too!

Princess Lea said...

See, folks? Tried and true!

Mazel tov on your marriage, Risa!