Wednesday, July 4, 2012

TM, I Have Not Forgotten Thee

There is a branch of makeup that I am woefully neglecting, despite the fact that I owe so much to it. Tinted moisturizer was my best friend for so long, and because of one bad experience I have cast it aside. Well, no more. 

Tinted moisturizer is great for those who need light coverage, just enough to conceal minor skin issues, letting the natural beauty of the skin to shine through. 

The way I typically wear it is underneath mineral makeup, as it provides some moisture which my combination skin needs and a slight amount of coverage. 

The first one to come out with a tinted moisturizer was Laura Mercier. For years I only used hers, only I seemed to be clueless that it didn't match my face at all. I had really liked one by Kiss My Face, even though it had barely any SPF, but they seem to have phased it out. Then was Hourglass, which was the first of anything to match me perfectly, however it glittered and left my skin shiny in no time. 

So for a while I dabbled strictly in foundations, both liquid and mineral, but no joy there yet. Now to go home again.

1) Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free. I bought it in Extra Light. What I was surprised by was how it didn't, well, moisturize. It dried to tight matte-ness.

It's easy to apply, and leaves a lovely finish without much work. But it doesn't moisturize at all, and while I don't need much I need some. It was returned. 

2) Miracle Skin Transformer SPF 20. This probably falls into the new category of "BB Cream" as well as Tinted Moisturizer. It claims to do amazing things for the skin, specifically "A five-in-one formula designed to hydrate, prime, enhance, mattify, and protect your skin in a single step." It claims that it will fix skin, reversing damage, make the face look divine. 

I purchased it in "Light" the fairest available shade. While it may claim to perfect my skin, it doesn't do at least one thing it says it does, which is mattify. My skin was shiny immediately. Well, at least it's a good moisturizer. 

As for coverage, zippo. Supposedly it can be built up, but no matter how much I applied nothing was concealed. While all the claims of skincare should thrill me, it does not do what I need it to. Farewell. 

3) Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 / PA+++ has no parabens, is non-comedogenic, has fabulous sun protection, plus it claims to transform the health of skin. Just reading their description made my mouth water. 

When it first came out it was so in-demand that it was sold out of Sephora for months. I would regularly check the website, but I was constantly hit with "not in stock" messages. Finally it became available, and I feverishly purchased it. 

The claims:
Infused with lush, naturally derived ingredients, this lightweight tinted moisturizer immediately helps thirsty skin feel hydrated. It has been proven to help reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots caused by hyper pigmentation for a clearer and brighter complexion in just four weeks. Oil-free and luxurious, it obscures the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pores and other imperfections. SPF 30/ PA+++ adds a translucent veil of protection . . .  This dermatologist-tested product is free of oil, synthetic fragrances and is non-comedogenic.
My, my. Do you do dishes as well?

I got the lightest shade, Finland, which I can say matches pretty well, since it is miraculously sheer enough to allow my own skintone to shine through, while covering up redness and discoloration. It's very light, blends easily, doesn't feel heavy at all.

Now that it's summer, I don't use it much since my skin doesn't need the moisture; I'll end up using it more in the winter. But I tap it lightly around my eye area to protect the skin there before applying the rest of my makeup. It doesn't sting the way my regular SPF does there, and it keeps on eyeshadow very well. 

(Sigh of contentment). Let the honeymoon begin.


Altie said...

Do you know anything about Avino tinted moisturizer? I tried it and it made my face look horribly oily.

Princess Lea said...

The Positively Radiant SPF 30? According to the website it oil-free and noncomedogenic, which would make it a good selection for oily or combination skin types. But I have tried supposedly oil-free products that made me look like an oil slick.

However, in the summer, skin does not require as much moisture (I apply only sunblock, not moisturizer, in the summer.) If you tried it recently it may be you need moisturizer only in the winter months.

In the summer I only use a light dusting on mineral makeup to hide imperfections. I made the mistake of applying beforehand a TM once, and my Face was totally sliding off (mid-date, yet). I'll need it more in the winter.

Altie said...

I got it awhile ago and stopped using it because I had to literally mop it off my face right after I put it on and I didn't use that much. Now I use a MAC foundation, and it works nicely.

Princess Lea said...

Go with what works!

Leftover Cholent said...

I'm obsessed with Stila's One Step bronzer. It doesn't have an orange tint at all, and it's so moisturizing and perfect for the summer weather.

Leftover Cholent

Princess Lea said...

Have you ever tried a Stila Tinted Moisturizer? Do you like those at all? (Curious me).