Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Battle of the Bulge: Raisin Analysis

I have always needed something to read while I eat, since I was 5 and all that was before me was the cereal box. 

My breakfasts are spent pretty much the same way; happily munching and moaning over my high fiber twigs (seriously) and casually flipping through the morning paper. In times of extremity, I'll take anything. ANYTHING. As long as it has words. 

I am also guilty of mixing television and meals. It's just that while I love food (goodness, how I love it), chewing is not the most entertaining thing. 

My aunt went to a workshop for work where they distributed raisins and made the audience analyze it for ten minutes. She tried telling me about it, but I gave up after 20 seconds and ate the raisin. 

The NY Times Dining Section had to ruin it all for me. I do not deny that mindful eating is what I have trained myself to do over these past bulge-battle years, but they are pushing it. 

Meditate while looking at a plate of dinner? I'm just supposed to LOOK at my succulent paprikás, with the magnificent potatoes alongside, glistening under sauteed onions? Are you kidding me? 

The article mentions the raisin exercise my poor aunt was subjected to.

I chew. I make sure to eat only when I'm hungry. I do portion size. I consume healthy food. 

Do not make me take it a higher level.

At least, not yet. Maybe when I'm 50.


Wondering Minds said...

I just don't eat raisins...and will devour the paprikas.

It's so much easier that way!

Yedid Nefesh said...

haha i do the same, always something to read

Anonymous said...

true story: i read your blog while i eat breakfast :P

Princess Lea said...

I'm not even a raisin person. That's how desperate I was to move on.

Anon: Thank you!

%Shocked% said...

I actually blogged about this idea eons ago. I didn't read the article you linked to, but the mindfulness of eating a raisin (or any other food- raisins are usually chosen because of their wrinkles I think), or doing any other activity for that matter completely changes the experience.

Here's the post:
http://shocked-avi.blogspot.com/2010/04/peeling-potatoes.html (too lazy to html it, sorry)

Princess Lea said...

Your post was great. That is how we are supposed to go through life; finding newness in the mundane.