Sunday, May 20, 2012

Why? Whyyyyyy?

I love mineral foundation. It covers beautifully, easily, and pretty flawlessly, providing a glow without being "dewy." But I have hit problems finding a match. 

The Sephora Collection Mineral Foundation Compact in D10 is how I left you guys last. I had swooned that it matched my neck, but on further contemplation it appears to leave my face ghostly-white. D25, the next yellow-undertoned shade, is too yellow/dark. 

I decided to experiment with mixing. I was peering at the available shades, hoping that maybe they came out with more color options, when a chirpy saleswoman offered assistance. I usually shoo them away, but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask. 

"These come in primarily pink and yellow undertones, right?" 

She looked at me as would a deer in headlights. 

"Um, if you want a darker shade than D10, the next one is this," she hazarded, tapping R15, which is blatantly pink and so not for me. 

Oy, "beauty consultants." No help at all. I shooed her away. 

I purchased D25 to see if I could somehow blend the two together, providing a little warmth to the Edgar Allen Poe-pasty visage that D10 leaves. I just buffed a little of the D25 after applying the D10, and now my face isn't sickly white. In fact, it pretty darn nearly matches my neck.

I love that it's in pressed, not loose, form, which makes it easier to travel with and to apply, since it doesn't fly everywhere and up my nose.  

Of course, once I found out a product I like and how to apply it, it ends up being discontinued. Frick. Hopefully they'll bring in a new mineral foundation that is identical to this one. But in the meantime I stocked up on spares for $7 each instead of $22.  

My horde should keep me good for the next few years, but this now means I have to go looking for a replacement. Update soon on the search. 

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