Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lip Lining

"I am coming over to your house and you will show me how to put on lipstick," she said. Ma obliged. 

Ma had barely begun—she was just lining her lips with pencil when the neighbor flipped. "But—but—you're drawing outside your lips!" My mother watched in bemusement as the neighbor stormed out.

As collagen injections have anything to teach us, many like to exaggerate the fullness of their lips.

When lip lining, draw slightly—slightly—outside the natural lip line. It's okay to cheat, providing no one can tell. Looking like Camille from Say Yes to the Dress is the danger point. 

If one is uncomfortable with such exaggeration, just be sure to color on the edge, rather than in the edge. If one is too cautious with the lip pencil they may just end up making their lips look smaller, so be sure to cover every bit of lip.

I never used to lip line; I was too lazy and I thought I could get the same effect without it. I was proven wrong.
Lip lining gives the lips a defined shape, and makes lipstick application more accurate. Before I lined my lips looked thinner, since I would apply lipstick "safely." Now when I line, my lips look fuller.

Filling the the entire lip with lip pencil will extend the life of the lipstick. 

Some mornings I'm in a rush, so I messily dab on lipstick, then use the pencil to make it more defined. The pencil will grab the color and let me move it around.

An "expert" once said that Wet n Wild's Color Icon Lipliner in 666 Brandy Wine matches all skintones (available at your local drugstore).
I am currently using Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Fuchsia 16C. It's a hot pink, and I like it because it disappears beneath my bright lip color rather than being an obvious line. The pencil consistency is great, gliding on smoothly without tugging or unevenness.

When applying lipstick (I prefer with a lip brush for accuracy) make sure to paint over, not in, the penciled lines; they should not be visible. 

While this video shows applying a red lip, watch how she lines and applies masterfully. Those sort of tips go beyond red lipstick.

(The bottom video's last five minutes or so are devoted to a photo of her lips with music in the background. ?)


FrumGeek said...

I personally like when girls don't wear lipstick, but if a girl DOES wear, lip liner definitely makes it look better. (Yes, guys DO notice such things. Surprise.)

Anonymous said...

One second- as a guy, you sat through and watched over ten minutes of lipstick application?? ~**

LL said...

Thank you, PL, for posting such useful stuff! I'm not gonna lie - usually my makeup takes me 5-10 minutes tops (including skin, eyes, lips etc) and I hardly ever wear during the week, but on my mothers insistence have bought some lipliner. I've never known how to use it. Looking forward to shabbos :) there's a first for everything!!! Ps can one wear lipliner with lip gloss? I don't really own lipstick - I only have lipgloss and lip liner...

Princess Lea said...

FG: Oy, you Hungarian you. Our men are really observant.

Anon: He didn't say he watched the tutorial . . . :)

LL: If the lipliner is a pretty pink color, first line. After getting a defined shape, use it to fill in your lips as well. Then you can apply gloss on top.

Wig Making Diva said...

Now I suddenly have the urge to buy a lipliner! I used to use one when I was in my teens... about 15 years ago, but I am not really a lipstick wearer... more of a gloss girl, but having stared at those red lips for a bit, I am thinking... maybe I could rock some lipstick.

Anonymous said...

I never want to put on lipliner b/c I'm scared my lipstick will wear off and I'll just be left with the liner - how awkward would that be!

FrumGeek said...

I didn't watch the tutorial!

...maybe just glanced at it...

Sporadic Intelligence said...

My problem is that my lips aren't proportionate; my bottom lip is fuller than my top. If I'd color outside the line, my bottom lip would look like it's falling off, or I got stung by a bee - I use my lip liner to regain balance.

Btw, you should mention that the dark lip-liner and pale lipstick is nasty, was a fad, and should never be worn - ever.

Princess Lea said...

WMD: Red lipstick, it is my firm belief, suits EVERYONE. My favorite shade is Mac Ruby Woo. It is matte, so the red is dramatic yet classy at the same time. I'm wearing red(ish) lipcolor right now, and I'm feeling quite chic.

Anon: Lipsticks usually don't wear off that easily. There are many long-wearing or matte lipsticks that last. What you can do is buy a lip pencil in a beautiful pink shade and after lining, fill in your lips; that way if the lipstick wears off, you don't have a distinct line, only another pretty color beneath.

SI: I still can't believe how that goes on; there are so many lip pencils available, yet women buy them in dark brown or purple then apply beige lipstick. What the heck!?

I have such faith in female-kind that I forgot to mention that.

PEOPLE: Make sure your lip pencil is either a nude shade or lighter/same shade as lipstick.

As for the upper vs. lower lip, the other option is to exaggerate the upper lip as much as possible rather than take away from the lower.

While some makeup artists make a stink about symmetry, I don't think that is the most important thing. Bee-stung look is nice.

Anonymous said...

Which sharpener would you recommend? I don't remember where I picked mine up, but it seems to ruin any lipliner/eyeliner pencils that I use it on...

Princess Lea said...

The one I use I bought from Sephora years ago just to make free shipping. It doesn't seem to murder my pencils, so I guess it was a good buy.