Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mask or Me?

"Why does your sister wear so much makeup?" a neighbor asked my brother, with a distinct sniff of disapproval. 

In an interview with Lady Gaga
Belinda Luscombe If you think people should be themselves, why do you have the elaborate costumes that seem so much like a disguise? 

Gaga: Well, this is myself. How else would I maintain it every day? It may be perceived that my creativity is something I have to work on, when that's probably the most natural part of me. I think we should try not to be cynical about the individuality of others. Perhaps instead of disguise, people should see it as an expression.  

If others choose to keep their faces bare, that is their prerogative. If others (like me), like a little bright lipstick, that is also their choice. 

But can't we all get along either way?


Defying Gravity said...

That picture is priceless!! Thanks for the great laugh :)

Sparrow said...

Sometimes I think the most interesting self-expressions come out when people put on masks, like Purim.

Is it possible to draw a comparison between cosmetics and the internet? Obscuring some of your actual features (or even your very name) allows for expression in a way that wouldn't occur otherwise?

Princess Lea said...

Pretty much anything I have written on my blog I would say to others in real life. When I started this, I told myself that whatever I post here would be the same as what I would express with my own face. One thing that was drummed into me my whole life is that unless one is willing to sign their name to something, it is worthless.

My alter-ego here is more to dissuade potential stalkers. I come from a healthily paranoid background and the faceless-ness of the internet gets me nervous.

But in terms of makeup, I have found that it does encourage confidence. A facilitator, if you will.