Friday, May 4, 2012

A Match Made By Toddlers

"You're going to marry my uncle." 

"No, baby." 

My nephew nods firmly. 

His sister squeals, "Yes, Lea, you'll marry him!" 

"No, baby."

They both turn their black-lashed, bright blue gaze upon me, with the same smug assurance that their aunt, twenty years their senior, just doesn't know her own mind. 

Their uncle never was my type; he was 14 to my 15 when our siblings married, and we spent all that sheva brachos time insulting each other, using a lot of Shrek references. I find him as appealing now as I did then.

These shmoopies are 6 and 4; I suppose I can be understanding in their matchmaking schemes.

If only they didn't look at me as though I was being unreasonable.


Ruchi Koval said...

Shrek references! Love.

LL said...

That was funny. :P
My brother set up this couple when he was 10 years old and today they're married with 5 children B'H!!

Princess Lea said...

Ruchi: "Donkey!" in a Scottish accent.

LL: I know of a gal who made three shidduchim before 18; she has three bracelets from shadchanus.

JerusalemStoned said...

Oh, but those relationships where you first can't stand each other turn out to be real love! Haven't you watched ANY romance comedies?

Princess Lea said...

Like "The Little Shop Around the Corner," which was the inspiration for "You've Got Mail"?

I think we have to be secret pen pals first, when I pour out the deepest, darkest secrets of my heart only to have him mock them. :D

JerusalemStoned said...

You noticed the nod they gave to that movie, with the grandfather who said that her mother had "the most beautiful handwriting."

But yes.

Like that.


Princess Lea said...

They had a few! The name of the bookstore was "The Little Shop Around the Corner."