Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Selective Pickiness

30 Rock, "K is for Kabletown":

Liz meets a guy called Wesley in the dentist recovery room, and they seem to get along great until the laughing gas wears off. Then they part ways, hating each other's guts. Except they can't stop bumping into each other.
Wesley: The universe wanted me to run into you again. And I finally think I know why.

Liz: Commencing eye-roll sequence.

Wesley: The universe wants us to settle for one another. Well, there has to be a reason why this keeps happening to us, Liz. I think fate is telling us this is the best we're ever going to get. We're each other's settling soul mates.

Liz: Settling soul mates? That is grim. And I've played Monopoly alone.

Wesley: I know it's not ideal, but we'd both benefit. Then I could open jars and kill bugs for you, and you could make look less gay at work functions. (He's British)

Liz: Look, I happen to believe in romantic—

Wesley: Don't even say, "romantic love." How many couples do you know that are actually in love that don't completely annoy one another?

(An old couple hobbles by)

Liz: Okay, what about them?

Old Woman: You wouldn't be complaining if you wore those shoes I bought you.

Old Man: You're an old _______. (It's not very polite)

Wesley: Why fight this? Grow old with me, Liz? In separate bedrooms?

Liz: No way. have a nice life. (walks away)

Wesley (calling after her): Think about it, Liz! It's what the universe wants! You'd have someone tell you when you're about to step in something!

(Liz promptly steps in something)
* * *
"And don't be so picky!" She wags a finger after me, a woman who could be interchangeable with any of my Babis.

I begin to fret; am I, truly, being "picky"? 

In terms of "settling" soulmates, I thought of Ponda Baba, who was constantly re-redt after I went out with him; I, too, thought that maybe his frequent re-occurrences was a sign from Above to just accept his unrequited advances. After becoming physically ill at the possibility of being his for life, I cast that fancy aside.

I thought of the romantic tale of my cousin, who was given up for spinster (late 30s). Her husband happens to be younger than her by a few years. 

At her vort, the groom's father said that his son never saw a girl twice. This went on for a decade. He meets her, and that's it: she's the one. No second-guessing.

Perhaps some of us are only presenting an image of pickiness . . . until the right one shows up.


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Finding your shiduch is like going to sleep. It happens when you're occupied with something else. You can't force it to happen.

Mystery Woman said...

People love to have something to blame. It gives them a reason for what happens and makes them believe it will never happen to them.

Princess Lea said...

True and true.

FrumGeek said...

I love 30 Rock!