Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty Nails

As I mentioned beforehand, the premise of makeup is to highlight natural qualities. Lips, for instance, are often pink, so they should be painted pink or red, not purple. For those with lighter skin tones, brown is certainly not a true hue. 

The same with nails. Nails are pink, so the color that goes on them should be derivatives of pink as well. I am not a fan of these new stunty colors, like gray, black, or brown. I don't find them flattering. 

Now greens and yellows are "in" this season; blah. I am not the only one to think so - Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote an article bemoaning the loss of the natural nail. 
I think beautifully maintained nails — really nice cuticles and buffed, natural-looking nails — it’s the most beautiful in my opinion,” she said. “You can always add polish to it, but it’s not necessary.” Leave the riot of colors to the high-school kids, she said.  - Elizabeth Lata, the owner of Elizabeth Lata European Day Spa, an Upper East Side stalwart for more than two decades. 
I have seen some with blues, and silvers, but rarely are they caught in pinks or reds. A simple french manicure flatters all. 
Sometimes these trendy colors bring to mind other . . . unpleasant associations.

Stop a man on the street and ask him what he thinks of nails the color of Grey Poupon. Richard Dorment, a senior editor at Esquire magazine, about the yellow and green nail polish pouring off salon shelves: “It’s the color of mucus. It’s the color of infection. It’s the color of old piano keys.” For some observers, the trendier polishes can also call to mind pea soup, algae and ectoplasm.“It makes me think of the old Hi-C juice cartridges from when I was a kid and they had Slimer on them,” said Chris McLaughlin . . . Ky Henderson . . . said pale green polish “sounds like something a mythical creature from ‘Lord of the Rings’ might have.”
Via Yummy dinner, but not for the nails.
Pinks and reds are the only way to go.
Via, Essie French Affair (great color)

Mr. Henderson . . . thinks red is more universally pleasing than green, though he cautions against going too dark or inky. “It looks like you slammed all of your fingers in a car door or have a horrible vitamin deficiency,” he said.
In the end, to place so much emphasis on the nails, say by running out to get "trendy" nails, is unnecessary. I repeat, nails are not the fashion focus. Efforts would be better to be applied elsewhere.
Mr. Dorment, who conducted an unscientific poll at Esquire, reported that clear polish was the clear favorite. “It lets us concentrate on her face,” he said. 


FrumGeek said...

I agree. I prefer when girls wear light colors or none at all.

tesyaa said...

You're a throwback to an earlier generation. I was admiring my teenage daughters' attractive aqua, dark purple, and even, yes, green nails. I explained to them that in the olden days when I grew up (1970s), my very proper mother taught me to only wear clear, pink, coral, or red polish.

Certainly taste comes into play, but I like the fact that there are more choices today.

(Sadly, I don't wear polish myself).

Wondering Minds said...

Can't say I agree with the pink in that picture though...

But yeah, for me, any bright, shiny color works. I am not such a fan of dull, flat colors (like the green pictured).

I guess I'm like a goldfish (or a girl) and like shiny objects.


Princess Lea said...

I suppose I do have more classical tastes. But I equate what is put on the nails as what is put on the lips. Pink all the way!

WM - While I'm not a fan of green, I love hot pinks and festive reds. Pink doesn't equal boring.

Dude, seriously? Equating girls with goldfish? What a charmer. :D

Yedid Nefesh said...

Ugh i need to stop biting my nails :(
but i do agree that lighter colors are classier, more feminine and louder colors are more "hot"

The Shomer Toucher said...

I completely agree that people are silly for blindly choosing fashionable colors over the colors that flatter their skin tone! The drab greys/greens and even the turquoise has got to go. I do enjoy certain bold colors (periwinkle, mint green) but you can never go wrong with a nice creamy pink that matches with everything.

During the winter I did my nails brown because I found the polish on sale and it looked cool in the bottle. But I literally felt like a hag with decaying long brown nails. Thank goodness it wasn't a professional manicure, otherwise I'd have felt guilty for taking it off in less than a week. Last summer I tried a creamy light blue that was in style, even got a design on it, but I could not stand looking at fun tak on my nails and off it went.

About reds... I try to limit how often and to what occasions I wear them, because a guy once told me it looks hooker-ish on single girls. Apparently where he came from it becomes more acceptable once you get married? (this was a classmate, not a date)

...and currently I'm wearing a shade of mauve. It's decent but not my favorite.

Sparrow said...

However much I look at the pretty colors, I usually wind up with a clear peach color on my nails. Toes, on the other hand, can get a bit crazy....

How do you feel about wild colors on your toenails?

Princess Lea said...

ST: "Hookerish" on single girls? Huh? I don't believe in style double standards; if it's "slutty" on one, so it is on the other. Geez, what a neanderthal.

I will admit that I usually go polish-less on dates until I can gauge the guy's perspective on fashion.

In the end, it has to be what one FEELS good in. Feeling confident has much with looking sharp; it's how one carries oneself. But one can never go wrong with pink cosmetics; nails, lips, blush. (Except for eyeshadow).

Sparrow: As long as one isn't wearing peep-toe shoes or sandals, go ahead! :)

%Shocked% said...

Far be it from me to question the expertise of the Frumanista lol, but I actually like exciting colors on fingernails. Properly shaded, blue, purple and gray (to name a few) look fantastic in my opinion.