Monday, January 14, 2013

Altogether Now

I bring forth examples of fashion no-nos:

A) There was a girl in shul, freshly engaged. I don't think she enjoyed dressing up much. She was wearing a suit that I can still recall clearly in my mind's eye; magnificently structured pink wool; a drop-waisted skirt that fell into pleats; neat bows interlaced at the waist. 

To this breathtaking bright suit she wore . . . serviceable black suede loafers.
B) A teenager sat next to me during davening. Her skirt was of detailed craftsmanship; made from heavy black evening-ish fabric, it was a certainly charming garment, reeking of quality. 

But the top was a cheap, unstructured, mesh tunic-something with a layering tee beneath; the shoes, inelegant beige driving mocs.

C) In the dead of winter, another female proudly enters wearing a dainty thin purple cotton blouse. And no, I never saw her wear it again, not even in summer.  

Time out. 

When it comes to coordinating, a major factor is tone.

Such as: 

1) dressy vs. casual

2) dressy vs. evening 

3) seasonal fabric weights

To clarify:

A) That gal (or her mother) should have purchased a pair of nude heels.
B) The skirt was perfect for evening wear, but not the rest. Either it should have been kept for a wedding, or to wear it to shul, she should have purchased a ruffly blouse, which can look very polished, along with a ballet flat of any color.
C) It is 30 degrees outside; now is not the time for frail cotton. Now one wears cuddly sweaters.  

When it comes to an ensemble, thought must be put into every choice, be it in shoes or tops or skirts or accessories, which can make it a "Two thumbs up!" or a "What was she thinking!?!" 


Anonymous said...

girl. yes, and yes. so glad someone is addressing this GLARING ISSUE.

tesyaa said...

Ugh, you are absolutely right.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

This is why guys don't get to help plan weddings and bar mitzvahs. For us, matching socks is often enough.

The Beckster said...

You ought be a member of the Fashion Police! ;) Love that Johnny Depp picture.

iRiR said...

Reminds me of Massie Block and the Pretty Committee.

Tovah11 said...

I'm afraid that i am one of those women that just have at least one thing going wrong in my look. I usually don't notice it until I've already driven away from the house. On my part, it's lazyness and I know it. Sometimes I just don't care; yet I admire women that are perfectly put together and I wonder how long they worked on themselves to get that look.

Anonymous said...

B) A teenager sat next to me during davening.

And I thought we go to shul to daven...

Princess Lea said...

Massie Block! I never read The Clique books!

Tovah - I did as well. Sometimes I say, "Oh, what the heck," and just throw something on without thinking it through, then I offend my own fashion sensibilities for the rest of the day. Sometimes I just miscalculate. But I just often need to give myself a few minutes in the morning to think a look through. Not much time.

Anon: Well, let us hypothesize that I arrived in shul already davened up to Barchu, but the men are still up to Ashrei. Then I have a look around until the chazan begins.