Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Careful Kitten Heels

You know the Yiddish saying, Nisht a'hair nisht a'heen ("Neither here nor there")? That is pretty much my objection to kitten heels: Pick a side. 

Are you a high heel or a flat on steroids? Make up your mind!

Whatever benefits gals seek from heels, kitten heels will not provide them. I just don't think they suit feet in general—they just end up looking larger.

It's sort of like the mid-calf skirt. By virtue of the fact that it is in "the middle," it is already unflattering. 

Some are down on flats, but really, a proper ballet flat is so pretty and sharp. Heels have to be, well, heels. 

To quote Rita Ora, current "it" girl: 
“Like the kitten heel, I hate,” Ms. Ora said, cringing. “Either wear a heel or don’t wear a heel, O.K.?
It really depends on the shoe, but if it around the 2" mark be very cautious; make sure it actually makes your foot look good. If it is any lower than that, opt for a flat or a wedge instead
Steve by Steven Madden "Blend" Wedge


tesyaa said...

Yes, yes, the fashion guru Hadley Freeman (author of the wonderful "Meaning of Sunglasses") has just such a rant about kitten heels.

I think it's all about the shape. A medium heel, if shaped properly, can look like a high heel but still be walkable. Kitten heels just don't look like heels. They are, excuse the expression, the training bra of heels (which is why they're often seen on preteens).

Sporadic Intelligence said...

The first shoe wasn't so bad. But you're right kitten heels have got to go the way of the dodo and passenger pigeon.

I see them mostly on older women, who can't balance on high heels anymore; this is their saving grace.

Or I see them on yehshivish or chassidish people, this heel height (and mid calf skirt) is acceptable, higher is not.

Princess Lea said...

Tesyaa: "Training heels" — Cute! True, the only ones who could look okay in them are teens, but even then if they are in a gawky stage their feet will look oversized.

It really does depend on the shoe. Just one has to shop discretionally.

SI: Oh, there are plenty of fashion-forward Bobovers who manage to eschew the kitten heel. Keep in mind that by some chassidism, fashion is acceptable but on time-delay, after it is in. Stilletos are now out; now chassidishe gals are wearing them, even my mother's cousin who is 60. It's a little disconcerting with her shpitzel, I must say.

Tovah11 said...

Those are some really ugggly shoes!

Anonymous said...

Like with many things, it totally depends on how you wear them and being conscious of proportion. Very petite women can look more stylish in a kitten than a wedge because the wedge appears to add weight rather than height, which throws off the silhouette of the outfit. Tall women attempting to appear shorter should almost always stick to a flat or a tiny wedge because the kitten looks ridiculous. It's all a matter of proportion.

Oh and the shoe being nice-- I hate the kitten heel when the heel is so inset it's practically at the arch of the shoe! Proportion!

Princess Lea said...

Proportions of course matter in general. In the case of kitten heels, one has to be really aware and make sure the shoe has been cut in such a way that the feet don't look gigantic. Heels in general don't look good when the heel is too far in or too far back.

Very petite women can wear higher than kitten heels so why would they bother, whereas the tall gals (such as myself) have no need for height, and with the awesome selection of ballet flats we do not feel deprived. I can walk confidently in flats whereas in heels, even kitten, I would wobble.