Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Who Could Ask for Anything More?

An American in Paris is not my favorite musical—it's just that it has Leslie Caron and Gene Kelly, my favorite performers in the musical industry. The music is beautiful (George Gershwin, consistently singable), the dancing divine (there is a lot of ballet in there), but I don't like the "love at first sight" premise. I just consider that lazy writing.
Anywho, the colors jump from the screen in a fantasy-like kaleidoscope, the dancers leap and twirl, and the tunes just hypnotize

Gene is a starving American artist in Paris, Leslie is affianced to the biggest singing sensation in the country who happened to risk his life to keep her safe during the war. Georges Guétary is so dashing and considerate I actually root for him the whole time. I really don't see what Gene has to offer, and I spend my movie time cursing Leslie's character for being so easily distracted

Sparkle on, Leslie. Eyes a'twinkle, Gene. As for you, George, you were the best of them all. Oscar is the funniest. 
There are all sorts of embedding restrictions against inserting some of my favorites scenes, like "I Got Rhythm," and the opening scene when Gene transforms the boring morning routine into poetry in motion. 


Anonymous said...

"It's not your favorite musical"--what musical is your favorite?

Princess Lea said...

As I said in my first Musical post, that would be "Gigi."