Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Will END You

Before I launch into my post, kindly read this article from The Lakewood Scoop, entitled "There is NO Shidduch Crisis—Mazel Tov!" He pretty much echoes my sentiments, although I don't agree with every point. Thanks to Jewish Dating Chronicles for linking it. 

8D8 must be planning to take me somewhere really nice and exotic, I thought, as we cruised past three Starbucks and two hotel lobbies. 

He pulled up in front of 7-Eleven.  

In November, yet.

Why didn't I wear boots?


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Well he sounds like a keeper. Did he at least give you a Sephora gift card?

Princess Lea said...

He bought me $1 drink. And since the date completely took place in the car (excepting this stop to get a slushie) he obviously did not notice the nuances of my carefully applied Face.

I want a Sephora gift card as reimbursement for makeup wasted on that evening.

Eugene said...

Are you giving him enough credit- he might have noticed. Being he saved some good money buying you a 1$ drink.. he must have some to give you as a refund.

Single on the Scene said...

a few comments: gimme a 7/11 date anytime-that would be AWESOME (my luv for slurpees-sigh), even in the coldest weather. BUT, it must've been a REALLY LARGE slurpee if you spent your full date @ teh 7/11 drinking it. That being said-let's look at the positive: driving around/sitting in a car for 2+ hours with the motor running? gas=expensive.....JK

Princess Lea said...

Eugene: Like STSS said, it went all to his gas.

STSS: I was not amused. Like I said, my boots are gonna walk all over him.

The Beckster said...

Haha! Clever way to include this awesome song.

Princess Lea said...

I was trying my darndest to work it in a post.