Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Walkin' Out With My Baby (Not Exactly Mine . . .)

I have mentioned beforehand that I am a professional aunt, so whatever research I have made regarding the kiddie world I feel compelled to share. 

There is a carriage that I really, really, like; and between the many babies, b"H, I have pushed quite a few over the past decade. 

In terms of getting your money's worth, my vote is for the Baby Jogger City Mini line. 

1) The canopy. No children that I know like to have the sun shining in their faces, and other awnings just don't cut it. This bad boy comes all the way down, keeping your little one cool and protected from the elements.

2) The wheels don't have to be inflated. I have pushed carriages that have wheels that have to be constantly maintained, and when they are full the carriage pushes like a dream, and when they are low it is absolutely impossible to navigate. I'd rather not start. 

3) Folding it is an absolute breeze—simply pick up the cord lying across the seat. Now it's folded. I'm not bothering with a carriage that needs the wheels removed are some other stupidity. As a mother put it, "With the other carriages out there, you need a PhD!"
4) For all these great features, the price is pretty reasonable. For how much a baby carriage is used, and all its convenient features, it's definitely a good deal. 

5) The double carriage has individual awnings, instead of a communal one, meaning each child's sunny preferences can be accommodated. 

6) While this shouldn't count as a factor, I love the colors they are available in. Red, green, blue, purple, orange—kids are supposed to be a convenient excuse for indulging in loud hues. I would want to be able to to take full advantage. 
For the other mommas (or aunts) out there: What carriage gets your vote?


tesyaa said...

I'm way too old to be of use here. In my babies' day the Perego Milano was considered stylish - shudder to say that.

Another professional aunt said...

These really are great. The double one is narrow enough to fit through most doors.

BC said...

So now I can't even escape the stroller talk on a single girl's blog?

PremonitionsofanAfterthought said...

maskim. although i DO love the uppababy for longer walks- it wheels better- and the basket is HUGE so you can run errands with it (especially great for brooklyn)

Princess Lea said...

Tesyaa: Perego is officially out the door. We change allegiances very quickly.

APA: It's amazing, isn't it? Double carriage, but can fit practically anywhere!

BC: Welcome to the dark side.

POAA: Ooh, the Uppababy is fly! True, it does have awesome storage space . . . how does it fold?

SpordicIntelligence said...

For double stroller I got the Britax B-Ready which is a single that converts to a double. It's cheaper than the Uppababy, with a VERY similar design. Also the second seat can recline to zero degrees - the Uppababy rumble seat (2nd eat) doesn't recline at all. The Uppababy is very light though...

CitiMini's may be great, I'm just sick of looking at them, in Lakewood everyone just buys it because everyone else has it, they don't even know its specs. And they don't take advantage of the awesome colors - all black, sometimes maybe purple.

Princess Lea said...

SI: Yes, they are on overload! But they must be great because women who can afford to get the most expensive carriage on the market are sticking with it, just upgrading it to great colors like electric blue.

Orange appears to be the "it" color now for the Citi Mini. I am partial to the green myself.

How does the Britanx fold?

premonitionsofanafterthought said...

The uppababy is great- the folding...not so much. It is also rather bulky when folded (all that storage space has to go SOMEWHERE!) so when shmooshy outgrew her snap n go I needed a stroller that is easily foldable into the car....so i got the citi mini then. I LOVE my citi mini!

SI: So sad! :-( where i live everyone gets color :-) (though we do joke that black is the more "yeshivish" option. I have red!

Sporadic Intelligence said...

The britax is a bit heavy, and bulky, but it folds beautifully, with the second seat!! Most, or I think single convert to double strollers require the removal of the second seat to fold.

I really like having the single or double option, depending on my needs. And for someone buying their first stroller with the inention of having more children soon, should definitely consider this option, it's so much cheaper to buy a second seat, than to buy a whole nother stroller.

Princess Lea said...

That is great to know! I love the idea that you can just tack on another seat whenever you have to instead of needing two separate carriages taking up space!