Monday, June 11, 2012

Cafe of Woe

The Starbucks date. 

It is praised as being the financial incentive for men to date more; if he doesn't have to treat to her to meal, or find a suitable hotel lounge, he'll be more likely to go on a date to a conveniently located and priced Starbucks.  

My issue: 

What does a gal do if she don't like coffee or tea?  

I once bought an Earl Gray, which I ended up throwing out. Nasty. 

The bottled fruit juices for sale tend to be mango, the one flavor I don't like. 

So I came upon a solution, albeit a childish one. 

Drink box.  

You know the one by Horizon? The flavored vanilla milk is very good. Pop the straw in, and sluuuuuuuuuuuurp. Very attractive.
But on one date—horrors!—my drink box was sold out! With no other options, I ordered a passion fruit iced tea. Three added sugars later, it was quite palatable. 
For once, I looked somewhat adult. Phew. 


pretzel said...

Order it sweetened next time!

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Come up to Canada and get a guy to take you to Tim Horton's, our national doughnut chain. The drinks are cheap (except the latte) and the entertainment - the endless parade of white trash and their witticisms are priceless.
Upside is you'll smell like fresh doughnuts for a couple of days. Downside is you might not think that's an upside.

Single on the Scene said...

OK, here's the deal-I'm a BIG coffee drinker (albeit girlie coffees, and anything with crushed ice is a fav!) so I can't imagine what it must be like for you. BUT-I do have friends who are anti-coffee & tea, and I have a great solution, especially cuz I know they have them at Starbucks=NAKED JUICED. Great conversation starter (tznius n' all) and great fruit smoothies. Plus, you can ask them to blend it with crushed ice and look all 'officially' starbucksed out.

Princess Lea said...

Pretzel: I can do that? Nice.

MGI: Eh?

SOTS: Whenever I get there the only Naked is mango, the one flavor I'm not crazy about. There seems to be a conspiracy against me.

But if they do have something in berry, I'm totally getting the crushed ice! Thanks for the tip!