Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Farewell, My Love

The makeup world can be a fickle friend. One day, you will see a mascara/foundation/lipstick across a crowded room, and fly to its side, and make it your own . . . only to have it discontinued following an all-too brief courtship. 
Like my beloved ketsy.
Poof. Gone. I was left alone.

The first few times this happened to me I made every effort to get my hands on some spares. Ma would tell me to calm down, but I wouldn't listen; then, with backups safely stored away, I would meet yet another wonderful product who could do all that my previous beauty fave could do, and more. 

I thankfully never went so far as to purchase nearly 40 of the same product as I finally heard Ma's point. (Besides, brown lip gloss? Feh.)

Usually if a makeup is getting the ax it is because the brand has invented something even better. True, sometimes the replacement is lacking, but then another company could be able to fulfill your needs. 

Yes, I was hurt when Tarte did away with their Vitamin Core Lipstick in Revive.
I purchased another one on a shady website. But then I noticed the kaleidoscope of color available in Sephora, realizing that frantic purchase wasn't necessary. (I mentioned beforehand my stocking up of a discontinued Sephora mineral makeup. That was more because it was ridiculously reduced. Chap arein.)  

It behooves us to evolve. Even if that means beyond a beloved mascara.    


FrumGeek said...

I don't know about you, but I still wish I had stocked up on Surge and Crystal Pepsi when I had the chance.

Princess Lea said...

Stick with water.

Tovah Brinton said...


First of all, I just noticed that you put me on your blog list. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I would be honored to list your site on my blogroll if it's alright with you.

Second of all, the whole discontinued issue drives me crazy. Several years ago, I bought this great coral lipstick from Cargo. I didn't take a chance (this was really, really important) that I would be left with nothing if it was discontinued so bought a few to stash. Well, sure enough it was discontinued. I have gone through my stash and have found 1 on e-bay and one on a site I had never heard of. I scooped both of those up. I still am searching for more.

The funny thing is that noone thinks that color looks good on me. LOL.

Princess Lea said...

It would be great to be on your blogroll as well.

I like coral. It's a lot better than browns and purples; how could anyone not like it?

In Sephora there was a pink-coral by Smashbox called Electric Pink Matte; if I wasn't swamped in lipsticks right now I would totally get it.

Search for "coral lipstick" on Sephora and the most amazing options pop up.

Tovah Brinton said...

Am putting you on my blogroll right now. Again, many thanks. Just turned my sister onto your site too.